An engaging early childhood education program is turning the region’s youngest citizens into water superheroes.

The Water Hero program, facilitated by Barwon Water’s education team, provides resource packs to kindergartens and early education centres to help educators speak to children about the value of water. Each pack includes an activity book, a water hero cape, badge and poster.

General Manager, Customers, Community and Strategy Laura Kendall said that the program is a wonderful way for preschool children to learn more about the delicate nature of the water cycle and the role that we all play in caring for this precious resource.

“By encouraging children to be proactive with their Water Hero habits in their learning environments, there’s a ripple effect with habits being shared and used at home,” Ms Kendall said.

“Drinking water throughout the day, turning off the tap, taking a shorter shower – these are the things that our youngest Water Heroes embrace.”

Ms Kendall added that “…as we prepare for a long-term shift towards a hotter, drier climate, we rely on all our water heroes, big and small”.

Since its inception in 2021, more than 220 Water Hero packs have been sent out to over 100 kindergartens and early learning centres across Victoria’s Barwon region, with more than 2,300 children engaging in the program.

“We know young children like to dress up and that being a superhero is particularly appealing. We have found the capes and other props have been embraced by little ones and helped them take on the character of water crusaders wherever they are,” Ms Kendall said.


PHOTO: River and Tom at Bellevue Preschool Highton have fun learning about water as part of the Water Hero Program