Trafquip expands its fleet of Scorpion TMAs with new Scorpion® II TL3 and Scorpion® METRO TL2 units

 Building on its existing fleet of more than 40 Scorpion® Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMAs), leading Australian traffic equipment hire specialists Trafquip has recently taken delivery of two new Scorpion® TMAs, including its first Scorpion® METRO MASH TL2-rated unit. Trafquip has also entered into a major Impact Protection Vehicle (IPV) building program, which will see the company secure 1-2 new TMA’s per month over the next 12 months.

Speaking about the new Scorpion TL2 unit, Trafquip Managing Director, Jeff Trim, said that it represented a major step forward for the industry, especially in terms of recognising the importance of providing protection for workers from vehicular impacts in work zones along suburban streets and in areas with posted speed limits of 70 km/h or less.

“Accidents happen above 70 km/h and below 70 km/h, so it’s critical to provide protection for all stakeholders in all locations,” Jeff said.

“While the larger Scorpion II unit provides MASH TL3 certified impact protection for speeds up 100 km/h, it’s not always practical, or for that matter, even possible, to have a large TL3-rated Impact Protection Vehicle at every worksite – especially those located along narrow suburban streets or low-speed roads.”

“Now, thanks to the new Scorpion® METRO units, we’re able to provide our customers with a fully tested, certified and approved MASH TL2-rated Impact Protection Vehicle that has been specifically designed for use along streets and roads with posted speed limits of 70 km/h or less,” he added.

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