A six-month trial of MiX Telematics’ latest road safety solution, known as MiX Vision, has dramatically reduced over-speeding in fleet vehicles by more than 75%.

MiX Vision, an in-vehicle monitoring system recording interior and exterior camera footage, as well as vehicle performance, such as speed, braking and collisions, was installed in 20 operating fleet vehicles, recording all driving activities throughout the trial period.

After a control period, the system was updated to produce an audible buzz alerting drivers to unsafe performance, which produced a significant change in driver behaviour.
Speed, which is a major risk factor to driver safety, was reduced from a total duration of close to 15 hours per-month to less than 3.5 hours.

The percentage of driving deemed safe by MiX’s on-board computers also increased from below 45% to over 82%.

“We know from a 2015 study conducted by National Transport Insurance, that of all fleet accidents occurring between 2007-2013, inappropriate speed was the leading factor each year1,” MiX Telematics Head of Sales and Marketing Australasia – Lara Churton-Hughes said.

“Speed considerably outweighed all other variables and was present in more than a quarter of all crashes throughout the period.

“The exceptional trial results are an indication we have the potential to significantly reduce one of the major sources of road accidents, saving lives and making Australia’s transport system more efficient.

“There are potentially major economic benefits as a result of this successful trial. Crashes, in addition to causing major emotional and physical damage, are highly expensive. The dramatic reduction in speed is anticipated to provide considerable confidence to fleet managers that their assets – people vehicles and goods – are safe,” Churton-Hughes said.
MiX Vision is now available to transport companies across the country. The in-cab, tamper proof system, is capable of being installed with up to 4 cameras per vehicle – 1 road facing, 1 driver facing and 2 additional cameras facing the rear or sides of vehicles.

It is the world’s first video-based driver monitoring solution to capture up to 72 hours of continuous footage, which is instantly available to fleet managers.