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From the largest construction and infrastructure projects, through to smaller civil works and engineering projects, Construction Engineering Australia (CEA) delivers highly informative, targeted and relevant content across all aspects of construction and civil works.

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Latest CEA News

VBA grant to fund fire safety system defect research

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) is supporting research by Deakin University to better understand the extent of defects in passive fire safety systems in apartment buildings. This important study is funded through the state building regulator’s inaugural research grant program. A fire safety system in a building includes both active [...]

What can you learn from the zero-emission construction site?

Our industry is one of the largest and most important in the world, touching everyone’s life both professionally and personally. Yet in some vital respects, construction has been the most resistant to adaptation, especially technological advancement. Our dinners are delivered directly to our doors via an app, but our construction [...]

Discover the secret to the perfectly engineered graduate

Engineering HR managers are the glue that holds a firm together. You’re keeping your team strong and resilient - but you’re always working under pressure and being pulled in several directions. That’s especially true when you’re developing a graduate program. You’re being pulled by your manager’s demands for competent [...]

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