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From the largest construction and infrastructure projects, through to smaller civil works and engineering projects, Construction Engineering Australia (CEA) delivers highly informative, targeted and relevant content across all aspects of construction and civil works.

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Making ageing asbestos in buildings less dangerous in the short term

Practices to make asbestos less dangerous where it is not immediately possible to remove it have been examined by the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency in a new report that looks at current ways of containing and stabilising asbestos, particularly in roofing. The Agency has examined current products and [...]

Restrictive Planning and Zoning Pushing Home Ownership Out of Reach

A Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) report confirms that restrictive planning policies are pushing home ownership out of reach. The RBA analysis shows that house prices are being driven up by regulation which significantly increases the cost of land. As the RBA report clearly states, “The average Sydney house, [...]

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