LYSAGHT SUPABRIDGE® is an integrated bridging and roof insulation system for commercial and industrial buildings.

Replacing traditional purlin bridging, SUPABRIDGE™ accommodates the safety wire and uncompressed insulation within the roof purlin space. By utilising the structural purlin depth to achieve this, internal roof height can be maximised while maintaining the full bracing capacity of the roof sheeting thanks to direct fixing to purlin members.

This integrated approach delivers several important benefits for architects, engineers, installers,  builders and ultimately, building owners.

With the SUPABRIDGE™ roofing system, buildings can achieve R values of up to R6.2, ensuring they comfortably meet National Construction Code NCC thermal insulation requirements, while also delivering potential cost savings during installation, which can be undertaken by existing trades without specialist knowledge or extra equipment.

Lysaght National Specification Manager, Tony Jamieson, said SUPABRIDGE™ had already been trialled on a number of projects and had been extremely well received.

“SUPABRIDGE™ makes it easier and more cost effective to meet NCC thermal requirements without the need for roof raisers,” Mr Jamieson said.

“Along with the added expense of fitting raisers and the extra installation costs, raising the roof can also reduce sheet uplift capacities – because SUPABRIDGE™ allows the cladding to be fixed directly to the roof structure, this new system actually has the opposite effect.

“The added cavity space provided by LYSAGHT SUPABRIDGE® also means there’s no need to compress the insulation blanket during installation, a practice that is no longer acceptable under NCC.

“Feedback on the new system from builders who have trialled the technology has been very positive, with comments focusing on simplicity of installation along with how easy the system allowed the required insulation R values to be achieved compared to previous methods.”

SUPABRIDGE™ provides many tangible benefits across a range of operational parameters, including:

  • Improved insulation performance
  • Reduced cost
  • Easy installation
  • Improved safety for installers

Maintains engineering and design performance

Importantly, using SUPABRIDGE™ ensures the engineering integrity of the roofing is maintained. The system allows the roof cladding to be to be fixed directly to thicker purlin sections for added integrity rather than roof raisers. From a design and approvals perspective, SUPABRIDGE™ also helps keep roof heights in check, which is important for sites that are bound by height restrictions.

Assured compliance

The new SUPABRIDGE™ meets – and in many cases exceeds – a broad range of building governance and compliance requirements including NCC, Section J Insulation Performance, Fire Performance to AS1530.2:1993 (R2016), Roof Safety Mesh standards to AS/NZS 4389:2015 and the AS/NZS 4600 Cold-Formed Structures Code.

For additional information about LYSAGHT SUPABRIDGE®, visit: or contact your local Lysaght representative.