The new pre-engineered, adjustable Ezibilt™ system is an efficient solution for creating safe, compliant ramps, stairs and walkways. Compatible with Moddex handrails and balustrades, it’s a revolutionary innovation from Moddex that is already making accessibility more accessible in a wide range of applications, from commercial buildings to public spaces.

Ezibilt is designed for long-lasting performance and durability. Manufactured off site and installable with simple tools to achieve compliance to council regulations, it is supplied in modules that interconnect, allowing for any number of configurations to take care of all your access requirements on any site.

Features and benefits include:

  • Designed for simple assembly – installation doesn’t require skilled staff
  • Adjustable and compatible, with the flexibility to fit a wide range of sites
  • Delivered as a ready-to-go kitset that can be installed in about two days
  • Reduces the need for complex, on-site measuring.

The new Ezibilt™ system takes relatively little time to construct, when compared to traditional methods. What’s more, it can be relocated easily, in the same way, with some simple tools — as all the components are pre-engineered to be compatible. Even though it’s designed to go up in several hours, it also has a design life of 50 years.

The Ezibilt™ system is load rated to 5 kPa, with two product configurations available for sites of varying heights. It is also designed to comply with The Australian Standards of AS1428.1-2021, which set out a blueprint for mobility, specifically delineating the spatial needs for wheelchair circulation.

The reputation of Moddex has been built on compliance and quality, so you can rest assured that you will have a compliant solution that takes into consideration size and turn angles, clear pathways, visual contrast and cues, gradients, protrusion limits, appropriate components and more. Not only must these structures meet safety requirements, but they must also be durable and compliant with building codes and regulations to ensure a safe and secure space for all users — issues that were top of mind for the Moddex design team.

Additionally, when the handrails and balustrades are added, they can be assembled with little more than a cordless drill and a proprietary Moddex driver bit that secures the tamper-proof Dexx® Locking Screws. These make the system very difficult to vandalise or scavenge.

Downloadable BIM content is also available to make configuring and specifying Ezibilt simple.