The City of Sydney is collaborating with Transport for NSW and four providers to give residents in and around Green Square the opportunity to try an e-bike for free under a new active transport initiative. Up to 160 residents will be eligible for a four-week take-home trial of the bikes.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the program was designed to encourage locals to explore alternative transport. She said there was a 40 per cent increase in people riding during the pandemic and many who took to cycling during the lockdowns have continued to ride.

“Cycling is a great way of getting to and from work, with around 25 kilometres of connected paths across the City of Sydney. Our experience during Covid showed that if we create safe, connected routes, people will use them,” the Lord Mayor said.

The e-bike offer coincides with the completion of the new Gadigal Avenue cycleway. The new bi-directional path creates a safe connecting route along Gadigal Avenue and Crystal Street to the border of Waterloo, where it links up with the Bourke Street cycleway.

“E-bikes offer a different type of ride and can be helpful for families with children, or workers who don’t have time to change before they get into the office. We’re excited to offer Green Square locals an alternative way of exploring our city,” the Lord Mayor said.

“If you live in Green Square, parts of Alexandria, Waterloo, Beaconsfield, Zetland, and Rosebery you can apply to one of the four nominated providers to rent a bike.

“Once you’re deemed eligible, you take the e-bike home and we will cover the cost for the first four weeks. At the end of the free period, you can either continue the hire and cover the ongoing cost or return the bike to the company.”

It’s one of several free cycling-related activities being provided in the Green Square area.

“In the coming months, we’re planning guided rides for small groups, cycling in the city courses, as well as introductory bike maintenance courses and other activities,” the Lord Mayor said.

The free e-bike scheme is open to residents over 18 who will ride the bikes for personal use only.  Jot Bike, Sydney Electric Bikes, Lug and Carrie, and Zoomo are the e-bike providers for the program.

In NSW it is the law to wear a helmet on an e-bike, so to keep everyone safe, Jot Bike, Sydney Electric Bikes and Zoomo will be providing free helmets and Lug and Carrie will provide a helmet for $79.

Transport for NSW Deputy Secretary Cities and Active Transport Kiersten Fishburn said the demand for travel to and from Green Square was growing and getting active on your journey, or travelling a little earlier or later, could mean a faster more comfortable journey.

“As more people live in and visit the area, we aim to help improve commuters’ travel experiences by promoting travel outside the regular peak and active transport for short trips,” Ms Fishburn said.

“With more dedicated cycleways and bike lockers available across Sydney and NSW, it’s easy to get around by bike.”

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Image ©2022 City of Sydney, Chris Southwood