No matter what field or industry you work in, there are skills that can be used in almost any workplace. It’s not enough to simply know and understand your specific discipline and job role – you also need more expertise around things like project management, an understanding of finance, and digital skills.

Here are five webinars you can stream right now to help you build those skills:

  1. Principles of learning
    Believe it or not, most human beings aren’t great at learning. Despite our best intentions, we often undertake strategies that are either inefficient or ineffective.  This video explores several principles of human learning that will help you move quicker and easier through the learning process.  This, in turn, will help you move faster than others when tackling a new job, a new position, or a new project.


  1. Values and purpose – building strong career foundations
    During your working life, you will face many challenges and difficult decisions, with many variables that influence your decision making.
    Clear purpose and values form the basis of informed decision making. Purpose is what inspires you and gets you to work each day, and your values are your guide that hold you accountable to your purpose.
    But how can you work out what these are?
    In this webinar, speaker Nigel Sutton will guide you through tools for discovering your purpose, exploring your values and converting values from words into actions.


  1. Elevate your emotional intelligence for career success
    Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use and manage our emotions and recognise the emotions of others. It is particularly useful skill in helping to develop successful interpersonal relationship with colleagues and stakeholders which in turn help you achieve and grow professionally.
    This webinar will help you build your emotional intelligence skillset, and will be useful to you if you:
  • Need to build your emotional intelligence to anchor why you do what you do and build a value compass to guide you into the future.
  • Need a quick hack to connect with people that actually works; learn the language that builds instant rapport with the person you are talking to.
  • Want to explore the truth behind who you think you are, who you want others to think you are and who your really are, to build your authenticity.
  1. Networking and relationship building with colleagues and clients
    Trust and likeability are just two of the keys to networking and building relationships with colleagues and clients. But how do you present the real you while also cultivating rich relationships that benefit you or your business? Find out how to create a memorable and positive impression, identify opportunities for networking, explore what you can offer and what you want to gain, and develop your network with integrity.
    This session will give you the tips and tricks to start networking and growing your influence with stakeholders at your next event or meeting. It will be beneficial to those who are new to networking or would like to be more successful in their approach.


  1. Time management under pressure
    In the fast-paced world we live and work in, prioritising and self-management are key to success, building relationships and achieving results. This session focuses on how to improve managing yourself and your time, to enhance your productivity, effectiveness and wellbeing.


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