The Fielders KingFlor® steel decking range provides the designer with the flexibility to tailor a composite flooring solution that best suits project requirements whilst accessing the inherent benefits of steel decking over labour and material intensive ply timber and lost formwork alternatives.

Each of the five core profiles in Fielders KingFlor® range has been developed to provide the most optimal flooring solution in the wide range of composite structural building construction types found in Australia.

RF55® is Fielders’ original steel decking product. Its traditional flat pan or ‘re-entrant’ profile provides unmatched performance in suspended concrete slabs. RF55® utilises patented technology to achieve superior spanning capabilities, less deflection and greater composite strength than similar re-entrant profiles.

KF57® is Fielders’ lightest weight formwork solution. KF57® features an enhanced deck profile and deeper pan stiffeners to provide a more effective mechanical interlock for the concrete than comparable product alternatives. Optimal fire performance is one of the key attributes of this popular decking product.

Fielders KF40® is the most economical formwork solution in the range. Featuring an optimum strength-to-weight profile, KF40® combines the performance of a traditional flat pan profile with the unmatched economy and concrete saving of a trapezoidal deck. As the widest decking product available, KF40® can provide improved construction times through higher m2 coverage per installed length.

KingFlor KF70® was the first trapezoidal decking profile introduced in Australia. It is accepted as the most cost-effective composite steel formwork system for many projects. With a longer spanning capability and a deeper profile than many other formwork systems, KF70® offers opportunities for significant cost and time savings in construction.

SlimDek 210® has been specially developed to provide even greater material, structural and construction benefits and is capable of achieving unprecedented unpropped spans during construction of up to 7m and propped spans of over 10m. When combined alongside asymmetric steel beams in Fielders SlimFlor® construction system, floor depth can be reduced to as little as 290mm, up to a 35% reduction in slab thickness compared to traditional concrete construction.

The KingFlor® range is supported by a detailed technical design manual, which together with a companion software KingFlor® Designer Suite software enables designers to quickly assess a multitude of options, to help determine the most economical and effective design solutions.

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