At the heart of the Engineers Australia Excellence Awards is recognition – not only of outstanding professionals and groundbreaking projects – but of the meaningful engineering achievements driving Australia’s future.

On Wednesday 29 November, the engineering industry will gather to celebrate the national winners of the prestigious Engineers Australia Excellence Awards 2023.

When: Wednesday 29 November, 6.30–11.30 pm AEDT

Where: Palladium, Crown Melbourne


About the Engineers Australia Excellence Awards 2023

Engineers Australia’s excellence awards program promotes the prestige of the practice of engineering while recognising the outstanding achievements of individual engineering professionals. The awards program has a long history. First established more than 100 years ago, the program and its recipients form an important part of the story of Australian engineering.

Today, the excellence awards continue to honour the outstanding achievements of the country’s engineers across the categories of people and projects.

Project Awards

The project awards recognise Australia’s top engineering projects and the teams behind them. It inspires and encourages engineering distinction through teamwork, innovation and technical excellence. Engineering project teams submit their entries locally through an Engineers Australia division. Each location chooses a finalist project team who goes on to compete with other local finalists. A national winner is then chosen from the finalists and is awarded Project of the Year nominee.

People Awards

People awards acknowledge individual engineers for outstanding innovation and resourcefulness in their work. The engineer of the year awards recognise engineering professionals at all stages of their career. Six awards are available based on the three occupational categories.

Achievement awards apply to individual engineering professionals at all career levels and across the occupational categories. There are 11 individual awards in this category mostly aligned to each of the engineering colleges.

Also in the people category are the distinguished career awards. This category contains three separate awards which recognise the conspicuous service of individuals who have given longstanding and prominent service to the profession.