Renewable hydrogen project company Countrywide Hydrogen recently announced the signing of a Joint Co-Operation Agreement with 7R Logistics/Blu Logistics as they strive to enable and promote the use of green hydrogen by fuel-heavy transport vehicles in Tasmania, with other states to then follow.

Road transport accounts for at least 20% of Tasmania’s emissions; in Hobart that number is reported to be 30%. In turn, these emissions reportedly account for 220 premature deaths and 380 premature hospitalisations, according to a recent study conducted by the University of Melbourne. Reducing emissions from road transport is, therefore a compelling deliverable.

Countrywide is aiming to have three Tasmanian hydrogen refuelling sites strategically located near Hobart, Launceston, and Burnie, allowing the state’s major transport routes to be covered by a network of refuelling stations. Hydrogen-powered trucks deliver similar or better performance than diesel equivalents in terms of power output, torque, payload, refuelling time, range, and whole-of-life cost of operation.

Hydrogen-powered trucks will be available in Australia to coincide with Countrywide’s first hydrogen production in Tasmania. As a result, 7R has become the first transport operator in the state to sign on to offer a zero-emissions option to customers.

7R has committed to offering a zero-emissions heavy vehicle transport alternative to its customers currently using fuel cell trucks fuelled by renewable hydrogen from Countrywide.

7R currently operates 12 heavy vehicles powered by diesel in Tasmania, on average operating over 200,000 kms a year and each emitting 250 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. Extrapolating these numbers across this fleet will mean emissions reductions of 3,000 tonnes a year by converting to zero-emission fuel cell vehicles.

Geoffrey Drucker, Managing Director of Countrywide, said:

“This partnership with 7R will help to promote the benefits of, and fast track the development of, green hydrogen projects in Tasmania. To help achieve this, we are calling for support where possible from the state government to help enable the transition to zero-emissions road transport.”

“With government support, together we can promote the commitment to zero-emissions road transport, while actively encouraging and supporting others in the industry to transition to zero emissions.”

Tim Jensen, Managing Director of 7R Logistics, commented:

“With so many Australian companies announcing their emissions reductions targets, there is a strong appetite among them to secure freight services that offer a zero-emissions alternative. We are pleased to be partnering with Countrywide to offer our customers a critically fast-refuelling hydrogen electric option.”

Pictured (L-R): Tim Jensen, Managing Director of 7R Logistics and Geoff Drucker, Managing Director of Countrywide