Tackling congestion in central Hobart

Tackling congestion in central Hobart

The Tasmanian Government and the four Greater Hobart Councils have completed three “summits” to tackle congestion levels in the state’s capital.

The government has already implemented a number of short-term solutions to ease congestion and will now oversee long-term measures to alleviate congestion in the central business district.
Rene Hidding, Minister for Infrastructure, said the Department of State Growth had completed the development of a greater Hobart traffic model, fed with the most up-to-date information on travel and urban growth patterns.

The model, Mr Hidding said, would allow the analysis of future traffic demands, identify congestion hot spots years before they occur and assist with developing infrastructure and non-infrastructure solutions.

“The government will now progress measures to further alleviate the congestion in Hobart’s CBD ahead of several construction projects commencing, including the construction of a large hotel at the Elizabeth Street Bus Mall.

“Importantly, the government will support measures that favour public transport, including bus priority measures, but it is clear the councils will also need to commit to congestion-busting measures that we outlined at the summits.”

Some of the measures agreed for consideration at the final summit included:

  • moving some or all of the buses from the current Bus Mall to Franklin Square (this may require some temporary relocation of motor cycle parking);
  • investigating a pedestrian overpass or underpass linking Franklin Square to the water front;
  • further investigating the safe removal of the pedestrian crossing on the southern side of the intersection of Murray Street and Davey Street, including improvements to the northern crossing location to improve peak hour bus movements;
  • investigating and implementing, if feasible, alterations to the management of the Macquarie Street/Molle Street intersection to improve safety and active transport linkages from South Hobart along the Hobart Rivulet track;
  • 25 metre parking restrictions on the right side of Davey Street upstream of the Southern Outlet;
  • a clearway along the left side of the Macquarie Street approach to Evans Street.