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Batteries can store 50 percent more energy with new technology

The Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) has developed a new technology that increases the storage capacity of rechargeable batteries by 50 per cent. With this technology, batteries in smartphones, laptops and other electronic devices will last longer, the costs of sustainable energy storage will decrease and the range of electric vehicles (EVs) can [...]

Public consultation on Kingaroy wind farm proposal

The Queensland Government is assessing public comment on a proposed $500 million wind farm at Coopers Gap near Kingaroy, about 200 kilometres north west of Brisbane. Consultation on the draft environmental impact statement (EIS) for the project closed on 7 November. The public was invited to make a submission on whether the draft EIS for [...]

Turning wine industry waste into valuable products

A South Australian company specialising in turning wine industry waste into value add products is helping to drive Australia’s booming craft spirits sector. Tarac Technologies, headquartered in South Australia’s iconic Barossa Valley region, is Australia’s largest producer of high quality grape spirit, which it sells back to the wine industry or to beverage producers around [...]

12 new Australian solar plants get support

Twelve new large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) plants are set to be constructed across Australia, tripling the amount of energy produced from big solar. The 12 projects have been chosen as part of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s (ARENA) multi-million dollar large-scale solar round. They are expected to unlock almost $1 billion of commercial investment and [...]

UK Councils warned that new tip permit systems will guarantee littering

UK local council attempts to restrict access to their civic amenity sites to permit-holding local residents will end up costing them more than they are likely to save, warned UK-based BusinessWaste.co.uk The national waste management company says that policies signed to keep non-permit holders away from their sites are likely to succeed spectacularly, to the [...]

Fire fighting liquid makes every drop of water count

A liquid that greatly improves the ability of water to douse a blaze is helping firefighters battle wild fires in North America and Europe. Developed in South Australia by BioCentral Laboratories, BlazeTamer380 has been used this fire season in the air and on the ground in five states in the US while testing of the [...]

‘Watering WA’ scheme to secure local water sources

A plan to secure regional water supplies in Western Australia for community and agricultural use has been unveiled by the State Government. Watering WA is a $30 million initiative made possible by the Royalties for Regions program and it’s designed to support healthy, sustainable environments. Western Australia Water Minister, Mia Davies, and Regional Development Minister, [...]

Seabirds fall victim to junk food diet

A University of Queensland study has found widespread ingestion of debris by Australian marine and coastal birds - including among vulnerable and threatened species. The largest survey of its kind in the southern hemisphere examined 61 species, including 370 individual birds from eastern Australia. Dr Kathy Townsend from the School of Biomedical Sciences and the [...]