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Renault trucks announces the creation of its disassembly plant – the used parts factory

Over the past five years, Renault Trucks has invested in the circular economy, applying a three-pronged approach that consists in regenerating, repurposing and recycling used trucks. Renault Trucks is conducting numerous initiatives to extend the lifetime of the vehicles it sells. For example, used trucks are remanufactured according to strict industrial processes at the [...]

Australian manufacturer diverting agricultural waste from landfill

Extracta, an Australian manufacturer will shortly start utilising agricultural waste like sugarcane husks, grape marc (skins and seeds) and orange peel (after juicing) to manufacture products, stopping the waste from going to landfill. Rod Lewis, Extracta’s CEO says that his company is turning agricultural waste into high-quality ingredients for the nutraceutical, food and cosmetic industries. [...]

The power of compost – making waste a climate champion

A new way of using compost could boost global crop production and deliver huge benefits to the planet, according to a study co-led by The University of Queensland. Professor Susanne Schmidt from UQ’s School of Agriculture and Food Sciences said adopting a Precision Compost Strategy (PCS) in large-scale agriculture could improve crop yield, soil health [...]

Novel research identifies fresh ‘mixers’ in river pollution ‘cocktail’

Water quality in rivers is affected by underpinning ‘natural’ hydrogeological and biogeochemical processes, as well as interactions between people and their environment that are accelerating stress on water resources at unprecedented rates. Pollutants can move at different speeds and accumulate in varying quantities along rivers where the mix of the complex ‘cocktail’ of chemicals that [...]

Sun shines on stadium: RACV solar powers Warrnambool

The Warrnambool Stadium is now equipped with a solar and battery system thanks to RACV’s $1 million Solar in the Regions program, providing energy reliability to the stadium and cost savings which will benefit the community. The solar and battery system is insurance against the grid going down as it provides reliable back up [...]

One in four NSW residents dispose of asbestos on-site or in kerbside bins

Research commissioned by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has found an alarming lack of knowledge around how to deal with asbestos by homeowners and trade professionals. Almost 50% of adults in NSW currently live in properties containing asbestos but do not know how to deal or dispose of it safely. A survey of 2000 [...]

Waste Expo Australia’s conference goes digital once again in 2021

Following the cancellation of Waste Expo Australia 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the country’s largest gathering of waste management and resource recovery professionals will migrate its conference online to provide a platform for some of the most important issues affecting the sector to be addressed. Taking place from 19-21 October, Waste Expo Australia 2021 [...]

Is the circular economy transition fast enough?

A recent survey by global independent assurance and risk management provider DNV and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) reveals that circular economy is rising on corporate agendas across geographies. Despite the growing attention that the circular economy is gaining in the public domain, for many legislators and companies, the shift to [...]

Investing in Australia’s net zero future

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) recently launched its new Investment Plan that sets out how ARENA will support technological innovation that will underpin Australia’s shift to net zero emissions. In line with the Australian Government’s Low Emission Technology Roadmap, under the new investment strategy, ARENA funding will be directed towards projects that: optimise the [...]

More than $6 million in grants available to boost NSW organics processing

Grants of up to $2 million each are now open for projects that increase processing capacity for food and garden waste, the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has announced. Eligible projects must build, upgrade or expand organics processing infrastructure for source separated organics, such as facilities that will process kerbside food and garden organics (FOGO) [...]

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