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Engineering out excess material is low hanging fruit to reduce upfront carbon

When it comes to reducing carbon in buildings, stripping out superfluous steel and concrete is low hanging fruit. By thinking outside the box, it’s possible to deliver structurally sound buildings that produce less emissions than their conventional counterparts and even cost less to build. The building and construction industry is collectively responsible for a staggering [...]

Construction industry’s cultural issues cost $8 billion annually

A major report into the construction industry released during September demonstrates urgent change is needed to address cultural issues that are costing the economy nearly $8 billion annually due to workplace injuries, mental illness, suicide, long work hours and a lack of diversity. The Cost of Doing Nothing report outlines the estimated economic cost of [...]

NSW government safeguarding against building site incidents

The NSW Government is taking a proactive step towards eliminating unsafe work on ladders, roofs and scaffold on building sites in a bid to better protect tradies and construction workers across the state. SafeWork NSW’s Acting Executive Director, Compliance and Dispute Resolution, Meagan McCool said SafeWork officers will be visiting sites across both Sydney and [...]

VBA grant to fund fire safety system defect research

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) is supporting research by Deakin University to better understand the extent of defects in passive fire safety systems in apartment buildings. This important study is funded through the state building regulator’s inaugural research grant program. A fire safety system in a building includes both active and passive elements that help [...]

What can you learn from the zero-emission construction site?

Our industry is one of the largest and most important in the world, touching everyone’s life both professionally and personally. Yet in some vital respects, construction has been the most resistant to adaptation, especially technological advancement. Our dinners are delivered directly to our doors via an app, but our construction processes often remain stuck in [...]

Discover the secret to the perfectly engineered graduate

Engineering HR managers are the glue that holds a firm together. You’re keeping your team strong and resilient - but you’re always working under pressure and being pulled in several directions. That’s especially true when you’re developing a graduate program. You’re being pulled by your manager’s demands for competent graduate engineers who can hit [...]

Industry research finds up to 74% of construction companies struggle to keep up with quality and safety regulations

A new Australian construction industry poll, commissioned by Procore Technologies Inc. and conducted by ACA Research, found that 64% of respondents are not currently accredited to the globally accepted quality management standard ISO9001:2015. Unsurprisingly, the OFSC COVID-19 accreditation for Commonwealth Government funded construction projects has become a key priority in 2020, yet just 31% of [...]

LED lighting finds business opportunities in smart city growth and energy efficiency initiatives

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, 2020 Annual Update of Global LED Lighting Market, finds that the increasing demand for energy-efficient lighting, the rising number of smart city projects and overall infrastructure development are driving the LED lighting market across the globe. The market is estimated to reach $82.0 billion by 2026 from $67.7 billion [...]

Construction company successfully trials 5G for high-tech applications

The future of 5G for business has officially landed. While there have been many hypothetical use cases for 5G, and predictions about the business applications it will enable, Australian-based Taylor Construction demonstrates firsthand that 5G has arrived, setting a new standard for 5G-enabled high-tech applications for the enterprise. Cradlepoint, the global leader in cloud-delivered LTE [...]

Planning greener, healthier cities – from the data up

A new study by the University of South Australia indicates important gaps in urban planning data need to be addressed to ensure key development decisions are evidence-based. The South Australian Government is working on a new metropolitan planning strategy to make Greater Adelaide more sustainable and liveable, but a new report from the UniSA node [...]

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