TRYP by Wyndham marks a significant milestone as the introduction of the TRYP by Wyndham brand to Australia.  This 120-room property exemplifies contemporary design and urban energy, with architecture that echo the city’s vibrant lifestyle.

Central to its construction was the integration of Fielders KF70® steel formwork system, a testament to the industry’s shift towards more efficient, lightweight construction methodologies.

Navigating Site Constraints

From the outset, the TRYP by Wyndham Pulteney Street Adelaide project was faced with site constraints, primarily due to the proximity of existing buildings that bordered the construction area.

“There were some challenges on site as there were existing structures at north and south where we need to ensure no damages due to the excavations or piling therefore, underpinning and temporary supports were applied,” said Samir Hanna, Principal Structural Engineer, MLEI.

One of the solutions was to not have propping for the formwork and instead utilise a steel frame structure with the steel formwork system.

MLEI, the project design engineers, chose to use a known Fielders solution – suspended slabs with KF70® formwork to avoid the requirement for propping.

Fielders’ KingFlor® KF70® Framework System

Fielders’ KF70® system has been recognised globally as a cost-effective composite steel formwork solution, preferred for its longer span capabilities and deeper profile compared to other formwork options.

“A key advantage of using the KF70® system is its ability to reduce the weight of the building,” explained Ashesh Singh, BDM – Engineering of South and Western Australia, Fielders.

“This is achieved through the unique profile of the KF70® system, which displaces 26 millimetres of concrete by volume compared to a standard concrete slab. Opting for the KF70® system results in a lighter slab, which in turn requires a lighter foundation. This reduction in weight and materials offers significant benefits, both financially and structurally.”

The installation process of the KF70® system was smooth and efficient, leading to substantial savings in concrete, supporting framework, and foundation load costs.

“We have a good relationship with Fielders and they always provide technical advice and support,” commented Samir Hanna.


The TRYP by Wyndham project exemplifies the seamless integration of advanced construction technologies, notably Fielders KF70® steel formwork system, to address the evolving demands of the global hospitality industry.

This collaboration between engineers, architects, and Fielders has resulted in a development that elevates modern construction benchmarks, setting a new standard for hospitality facilities in Adelaide and further afield.

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